The Ultimate Guide to Winning Big at the Cheltenham Festival

For fans of horse racing, Cheltenham Festival is the single most important event in the world. And for that occasion, we’ve made this detailed article to help you bet, and win big on one of the greatest horse racing events ever.

Like every year, the Cheltenham Festival will be home to thousands of horse racing fans worldwide. If you are a horse racing fan, this is not the event you want to miss. 

Keep in mind that the event will be packed with events over several days, and it might be hard to keep track of everything that’s going on. Now, let’s get into how you can potentially pick a winner, and enhance the whole experience. 

Cheltenham Festival – Where Do I Get More Tips?

If you want to have expert tips from more than one source about the Cheltenham Festival, check the following link with great and successful Cheltenham festival tips on GG. Getting your tips from several sources is not a bad idea, and it will help you grasp better knowledge about the events.

For more information and tips, keep reading the article where we also dive deep into tips to help you pick a winner, and follow the events over the course of several days.

Always Check The Latest Tips and Odds

One good way to know what horses It’s potentially good to bet on is to constantly check up on tips and odds. By studying the odds you can get a general idea of which horse is the favorite for the race.

Statistically, bookie predictions have about a 30% chance of coming to a correct guess, but if you’re unsure about bookie odds, there’s a very good chance that the favorite of the race might come in second or third. This should give you an overall idea of how your favorite odds might potentially go.

Do keep in mind that the shorter the odds, the less likely you are to make a lot of money. So betting on a favorite horse might not be the best way to go if you want to make a lot of money betting on horse racing.

For better returns on well-performing horses, check the horses that have short odds but are not their favorite. These are horses that still perform well, but are not the favorite and may yield a better return on betting if you win.

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Look At The Past Performance Of The Horse

If you are serious about betting, you might want to check on the horse’s previous performance. This can give you an indication of how well they are going to perform in the upcoming race. 

Most race cards will contain enough information about the horse to give you an idea of how the performance of the horse might go. Usually, you can find the following information:

  • 1- 9: This is the position the horse finished in the last race.
  • C: Whether the horse has won the course before.
  • D: Whether the horse has won over that distance before.
  • CD: A win on both course and distance.
  • D: Whether the horse has been disqualified.
  • U: Has the horse unseated its jockey?

And many more details. When you have access to this information it’s much easier to bet and make some money betting.

Always Check The Trainer And Jockey

Even though the horse is a crucial factor to look into when betting on a horse race, the train and jockey also have a big role to play in how well the race goes. Do some research on which trainers can draw out the maximum from the horses in terms of performance.

Some of the best horse race trainers will help the horse perform much better than the average horse trainer. Also, check the historical performance of different horse jockeys who also play a huge part in horse racing. 

When Can You Start Placing Bets?

As soon as the race dates are in, you can start betting on the Cheltenham Festival Races. Betting before the actual event is called ante-post betting. You have bigger chances of winning bigger money as the odds are more in favor of bettors who bet sooner.

As the races begin and the horses show their performance, the odds may shorten, decreasing your chance of winning a bigger sum of money.

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