Basketball Tournaments Names & Lists

Basketball Tournaments Names & Lists

Basketball Tournaments : From childhood, everyone is known to honour that one word that is the term Sports. Sport plays an important role in everyone’s life from the very childhood. Even we sometimes say that to keep our body fit many doctors suggest being a part of sports. On the other hand, a sportsperson always needs to keep themselves healthy and fit.  

Basketball Tournaments Names & ListsSports are of many types and is divided into two categories one is the indoor games other is the outdoor games. All the sports are categorized according to these two types of games. Under the category of Indoor games comes chess, table tennis, rifle shooting, badminton etc. And under the category of outdoor games comes sports such as cricket, baseball, football, basketball and many more. Among all these sports today we will discuss one particular sport that is: Basketball.

Many people are aware of the fact that Basketball Tournaments began in the late 1800s or the beginning of 1900s just to protect the players from the exploitations. Here is the list of some of the most famous Basketball Tournaments to look out for.

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Top Tournaments:

Basketball World Cup
Olympic Games

American Tournaments:


European Tournaments:

Italian League
Spanish ACB League

National Teams Tournaments:

European Championships
South American Champ.
Asian Championships
African Championships

# Basketball at the Olympic Games

Basketball Tournaments Names & Lists

Earlier in late 1904-1924 after the demonstration games, the men’s basketball has become popular since then. Achieving a medal in the Olympic Games for basketball is the highest reward one can get in the career.

# Euro Basket

Basketball Tournaments Names & Lists

Euro Basket is one of the most well-known championships played among the basketball players. It is men’s basketball championship officially governed by the FIBA Europe. This game is popularly known by another name which is FIBA European Basketball Championship.

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# FIBA Americas Championship

Basketball Tournaments Names & Lists

This championship generally took place between the two men’s team. FIBA Americas Championship is commonly referred to as the Americas Basketball Tournament . We can also consider this championship as the qualifying round for the Olympic Games and for the FIBA World Championship Games.

# FIBA World Championship

Basketball Tournaments Names & Lists

This championship took place between the different international teams of basketball those who are challenging one another globally. It occurs once in every four years.

# FIBA Oceania Championship

Basketball Tournaments Names & Lists

This championship serves as the qualifying round for the FIBA World Championship and as well as the Olympic Games. It includes teams from the tropical Pacific Ocean region. This championship occurs once in 2 years as the qualifying game.

National Basketball Association

The NBA is the most important basketball league around the world and it is where the top basketball players of the history have played. To play in the NBA is the dream of every player around the globe.

The League currently have 30 teams (or franchises), distributed in 6 divisions, that play 82 games in the Regular Season to qualify for the Playoffs. The playoffs are divided into two conferences (Western and Eastern) composed of 16 teams each. Currently, the NBA champion has to win 4 series to the best of 7 games each for a total of 16 victories.


Basketball is one type of team game like Cricket, Football and Hockey. It is not a game for single players. If one wishes to play basketball then he/she must play the game in a team. Basketball generally is a game between two teams where each one of the teams has 5 players who will compete with each other by making a score with the basketball.

The main motive of this game is to basket the ball into the other team’s basket as many times as possible. In the end, the winner is judged by counting the number of goals each one of the teams has scored. The one who has scored the most number of baskets is therefore declared as the winner.


Every player uses many types of techniques to win the game. Some of the famous techniques used by the players on offense side are the lay-up, the jump shot, the dunk and many more. Same as on the defence side players use other techniques as the intercept passes, dibbler, block shots etc. Apart from these shots, there are also other shots used by these players to win this game.

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Here we can see that the 5 players of the team have 5 different positions in the court to defend their opponents. The one who is tallest among all remains in the centre of the court, the person who is the strongest amongst all acts as the power forward, and the persons who are the shortest among all therefore acts as the point guard or shooting guards.


In this game apart from the technique, we can also see the type of modes of how the opponents are being defended. Generally, there are only two defensive strategies—one is the zone defence and another one is the man-to-man defence. Other than all of these, other major important rules of this game are also there. In this game a man has to be minimum 6’3” and a woman has to be 5’7” of height and every person has to be physically fit in all aspects. Previously we can see in the old Hollywood movies or in any other movies, Basketball was very popular among the school and college students.

But today many people are interested in this game. It is even included in many international events where one can portray this game at an international level. Many leagues are also being played. We can also consider basketball as an Olympic game.

We can also see the variation in this game itself like Wheelchair basketball, Water basketball, Beach basketball, Slamball, Streetball, and Unicycle basketball. Another type was the one which was played by mostly girls and woman in the earlier days, Six-on-six basketball, Horseball which was actually played by sitting on the horses back where a ball is handled and points are scored by shooting it through the net. Moreover, we can call this sport a combination of both the polo and rugby games.

Some of the famous male Basketball players throughout the world as follows:

  1. Kevin Durant 
  2. LeBron James 
  3. Michael Jordan 
  4. Dirk Nowitzki
  5. Stephen Curry
  6. Chris Paul
  7. Jimmy Buttler
  8. Dwyane Wade and many more to go

Now here is the list of the female basketball players. They are as follows:-

  1. Sheryl Swoopes
  2. Diana Taurasi
  3. Lisa Leslie
  4. Candace Parker
  5. Lauren Jackson
  6. Sue Bird
  7. Brittney Griner
  8. Maya Moore etc

Other than the men’s Basketball tournaments, some of the famous women’s basketball tournament includes—Women’s Basketball at Olympic Games, Euro-Basket for Women, FIBA World Championship for Women and many more.

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