The Legal Landscape of Betting in India: What You Need to Know

India is one of the most populous countries in the world. It is home to almost 1.5 billion people as of 2021. The financial situation of the country’s residents is estimated as middle-class and there are many low-income families that are in need of extra cash income. 

Betting on sports and gambling is a great way to make some extra money during your leisure time or with the help of good analytical skills. Becoming a good bettor is a long way to go. However, it is possible to make money even at the initial stage. To do so, you have to pick a sport that you know well and start betting on your favourite teams. Such an approach will give you more opportunities to learn strategies and tactics for successful betting. 

A very important condition for a successful bettor is to choose a good betting company. To do this, you need to check for a licence from a trustworthy regulator, security protocols, and a bonus system. Many people prefer to read reviews and watch ratings so that they don’t have to spend time making complicated calculations.

Best Bookmaker Company in India

4Rabet is a great betting company that offers the best conditions for bettors. Not only sports betting but also various gambling games can be found here. 

The site was established in 2018 . Since then, it offers only fair and legal conditions. The company is officially licensed by Curacao, which regulates all activities. This commission also monitors for breaking the rules and fixes them immediately . 

The personal details of the player are always protected. The reason for this is the use of modern ssl encryption protocols. Not only does it protect your data, but it also prevents cheaters from hacking into your account. 

Betting aficionados will be surprised by the variety of sports available at 4rabet India. Here you can find world famous variants as well as national ones . At the moment, the most commonly used sports are : 

  • Cricket;
  • Rugby;
  • Table tennis;
  • Football;
  • Basketball;
  • Baseball; 
  • Snooker;
  • Handball;
  • Volleyball and many more. 

In addition to the standard sports, video game fans can bet on them. The cybersports section of 4rabet betting offers e-games such as Dota 2 , cs:go, Fortnite , Apex Legends , League of Legends , Valiant and more. 

To make the game even more interesting you can not spend real money. For this purpose, a section with bonus offers has been introduced. For example, all players can take advantage of the welcome package. It is available to all players immediately after registration. It entitles the player to receive 600 percent interest on up to Rs 60,000 Indian rupees on the first 4 deposits. The terms and conditions are simple and will not need much hard work. 

Players are offered several convenient options to make deposits and withdrawals. All of them do not charge any commission and come in the shortest possible time.

Legality of Sports Betting

India has several autonomous states that have their own regulatory system. They are free to make their own personal laws. This is the case with sports betting and gambling. As of now, there is no single law that regulates these forms of entertainment across the country. All states themselves are free to determine whether gambling services and entertainment are legal. For example, there are states that welcome betting and some that categorically prohibit it. 

Despite this separation only 3 states forbid betting. It shows that most residents still have access to it. They can follow their favourite teams, make predictions and bet completely legally and safely. 

Laws About Legitimacy : History

In 1867, when India became a British colony, a law was passed. At that time, the British tried to fight against gambling addiction and banned betting and gambling wherever they could. 

The reason for this was that people’s lives were too boring back then, they didn’t know what else to do. And they spent all their money, even mortgaged their possessions to improve their mental state. 

It should be said that these laws were created very recently and no changes were made in them before 2000. But during that long period of time a lot of changes happened in the world of betting and gambling. The most important one is the internet and its online casinos. The law set up in 1867 did not contain this provision. That’s why the emergence of online betting sites was a new era in the business. Now people could place bets legally, without any harm to themselves. 

In the 2000’s some changes in the Information Technology Act were introduced. But they don’t concern platforms with licences from international regulatory authorities. 

Cricket, Horse Racing and the Lottery: A History

As soon as the ban was passed, every state could impose its own terms and conditions, the legal status of these services was extended. 

At that time, the law prohibited all forms of gambling services except lottery, horse racing and cricket. 

These were the favourite pastimes of all residents who, according to the government, could not lead to gambling addiction. They explain it by the fact that these games require a certain skill and can not give the feeling of excitement. And everyone knows that for an addiction to occur, you need a constant sense of excitement, which usually is not replaced by other feelings. 

The First States to Legalise Betting and Gambling: A History

All states could act with established laws. But since they are all independent they can set them on their own. And so it was done. Some state governments realised that with this entertainment, they could raise the economic level of the territory if they started regulating the gambling establishments themselves. 

The first states to regulate betting and gambling were Nagaland and Sikkim. Then a few more territories joined them – Goa, Bengal. All of them allow gambling activities both on land and on the Internet. On top of that, they are also allowed to employ staff and offer qualified courses to train their employees. 


So you can see that nowadays a bettor does not risk anything when placing a bet. They can do it online, at safe platforms that are well protected. The legality and security of such platforms is a priority that you have to pay attention to. Only play on sites that have an international licence. This approach will not lead to loss of money. You will only have a pleasant gaming experience earning real money!

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