Win at Fortnite: Tips and tricks for Battle Royale beginners

win at fortnite

Do you like taking risks in life? Are you looking for a highly intense video game that blends thrill and adventure? Fortnite Battle Royale would suit your taste. This multiplayer game involves around 100 players at a go, competing individually or in squads of two to four. As the game begins, the players are weaponless and skydive from floating buses to reach an area on the land. There are several chests scattered around containing shields, weapons, healing items, and much more. Procuring these would help players to build up a stronger game. The player or the team that survives till the end wins the battle.

So, are you tempted to play the game? What are you waiting for? Ready yourself for a fulfilling adventurous experience.

10 Important Fortnite Battle Royale Tips for Beginners 

If you are a novice to this game, these tips will help as you progress.

  • Don’t make too much noise 

An important tip while playing Fortnite is keeping the volume at a minimum. The louder you sound, the more aware you make the enemies about your whereabouts. Also, try sprinting as less as possible, as running is louder than crouching or walking.

  • Avoid most populated areas 

If new to the game, stay away from busy spots unless the situation turns grave and you are compelled to enter them. True, that busy areas mean a better scope for getting more loot. Yet, when you’ve just started and aren’t familiar with the game’s mechanism, it is better to play safe.

  • Always land on the roof of a house or building 

Landing on a roof is always a better and safer option for a beginner. In this way, there are lesser chances of you getting shot. 

  • Arm yourself with a weapon

A melee weapon is of immense significance in a game of Fortnite; with it, players can stand a fair chance to succeed. When acquiring a weapon, make sure you have a diverse choice. For example, a sniper rifle would help in long-range combat. On the other hand, a short gun would be the best option when attacking from close quarters. Also, ensure that your weapons are reloaded even when you aren’t in action. Danger can come from any quarter, and you must remain prepared for it.

  • Avoid running in a straight line 

As you move toward the circle, which is the game’s safe zone, make sure you don’t run in a straight line. This way, you would make it easy for the snipers to target and kill you. Instead, follow a zigzag motion, and change your direction frequently to confuse them to the core. Following a z-pattern while running or even maintaining a ducking posture by lowering your head or body could save you from the gunshot.

  • Always wear headphones 

Sounds play a significant role in the game; if you miss them, the chances of surviving are lessened. By wearing a pair of headphones, you can eliminate the outside sound. It would also help you hear any subtle noise like the other players’ footsteps and so on. Fortnite games also have the unique feature of visualizing sound effects if you have trouble hearing the sound. In the Settings tab of your game console, you will find the ‘Sound‘ option; scroll down and turn on ‘Visualize Sound Effects,’ click ‘Apply,’ and save the changes.

  • Try to remain within the circle

The circle, marked as the safe zone, is the area you should always keep an eye on. The circle keeps shrinking, putting you in danger of getting caught in the storm. Keep a watch on the circle’s size to strategize your moves. However, don’t get disheartened if you get caught in the storm out of sheer bad luck. It could take a toll on your health. But you could recover from its effects with the help of healing items like a healing spray (Med-Mist). Make sure your inventory has sufficient healing items to help you or your team in times of crisis.

  • Maintain a crouched posture if you are sniping 

When sniping, always maintain a crouched posture. This way, you could aim better at your opponent and shield yourself from your enemy’s gunshot. 

  • Keep your cool even if you are shot

Finding strategies to survive is the key to succeeding and winning in the game of Fortnite. In case you get shot in the middle of an encounter, there is not much to panic about. The first bullet is only fatal if it strikes your head directly. So don’t panic and wait for the shooter to aim at you again. Instead, look around for some covers to hide and understand the source of the firing. Once you can detect that, you have the opportunity to counterattack.

  • Stay away if you see two players indulge in a gun battle 

When you see two players indulged in a gun battle, it is better to take covers than interfere in between. After the battle, the winner will be busy celebrating his victory. This would allow you to attack him, as he is likely to have his guards down then.

Whether you play single or in a group is your choice. However, playing alone will eliminate you once your health exhausts. When in a group, you are always at an advantage. If your health fails, the squad members could be there to take your place and may even revive you later. No game is successful without the hacks, and to know some of the tricks of Fortnite Royal, check out Battlelog

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