Top-Tier Online Android Cricket Games Every Fan Must Check Out

For anyone in India, cricket is a sport that needs no introduction. Having been played since the days of British rule, the sport has taken on a whole different identity in the country. Even though hockey is the national sport of India, it is cricket that unfailingly ends up grabbing the highest number of eyeballs. Cricket has grown to become nothing less than an obsession for sports fans in India, and cricketers are regarded as heroes whose achievements on the pitch have brought immense fame and glory to their country.


Cricket’s great appeal is in its simplicity as well as its versatility. For all its rules and intricacies, the basic concept of the sport is easy to understand and its enormous popularity has led to the rise of ‘gully cricket’ or street cricket, which is a form of the game that is widely played across Indian cities. One would think that the narrow, congested lanes of cities in India would make playing cricket impossible, but cricket lovers have made it happen!

The boom in technology in recent decades and India’s emergence as a tech hub has contributed significantly to the changes in the way cricket content is consumed across the country. India being a cricket crazy nation, there is no surprise that cricket fans all across the country want to engage with their favourite sport to the fullest.

A relatively recent development is the growth of fantasy cricket, which has made its place as its own unique form of the sport. To play, all one has to do is download fantasy cricket app and create one’s very own fantasy cricket team consisting of real world players for an upcoming match. Points are then earned on the basis of how these cricketers perform on the day of the actual match.

In addition to fantasy cricket, there are numerous cricket games that people play regularly on their mobile phones and tablets. To cater to this huge demand for cricket enthusiasts, eminent and talented developers have brought out a variety of cricket games for people to play. This blog takes a look at some of the most popularly played cricket games for Android devices.

1) World Cricket Championship 3

World Cricket Championship 3
World Cricket Championship 3, known in short as WCC3 is a game that is available for download on devices starting from Android 5.1 and upwards, and this game is free to download and play. This game provides players with a cricket gameplay experience that is high on realism and offers intuitive controls, support for multiplayer games as well as commentary from professionals across the cricketing world, featuring noted personalities such as matthew Hayden, Aakash Chopra, Isa Guha, Venkatapathy Raju, Abhinav Mukund and others. World Cricket Championship 3 offers players a career mode, and players can create and manage their very own teams. Additionally, in preparation for the 2022 edition of the IPL, World Cricket Championship 3 had introduced the NPL 2022 featuring teams and players from the year’s lineups.

2) Real Cricket 22

Real Cricke 22
Real Cricket 22 is a game that is well liked for the way it provides players with an authentic cricket gameplay experience. Real Cricket 22 offers real-time multiplayer games in which players can choose between ranked and unranked one-on-one matches, a Dream Team Challenge, a Pro Series as well as a Premier League. In addition to these gameplay modes, there are numerous domestic and international tournaments available to play, including the Cricket World Cup, the World Test Championship, the RCPL 2022, the Asia Cup, the Ashes Test, the Master Cup, the Champions Cup and various Premier Leagues. This game is available for download on Android 5.0 and above, and it is available for free.

3) World Cricket Battle 2

World Cricket Battle 2 (WCB2)
World Cricket Battle 2 is a cricket game that comes with a host of gameplay options. Among the various modes available, there are My Career Mode, T20 Cricket Leagues as well as a real-time batting mode for multiplayer. This game is similar to World Cricket Championship 3 in that it also offers a mode where players can become a franchise owner of a team as well as participate in its managerial activities. World Cricket Battle 2 also has dynamic weather as part of its gameplay, and matches can get interrupted due to rain, and the Duckworth-Lewis method will be followed to ascertain and declare the winning team. This game is available for Android 4.4 and above.

4) ICC Cricket Mobile

ICC Cricket Mobile
ICC Cricket Mobile is a game that was developed and released by nCore Games. This game has been created to deliver a very realistic cricket gameplay experience to users, and it offers a variety of game modes. These include Quick Match and Tournament featuring ten cricket teams. In ICC Cricket Mobile, players can choose from three stadiums, namely Dharamshala, London and Lucknow. The pitch can be customised and players can also select between nighttime and daytime for playing cricket matches. The game also offers high realism with respect to batting, bowling and fielding actions. It features commentators such as Ian Bishop and Jatin Sapru, among others. ICC Cricket Mobile can be played on devices equipped with Android 8.0 or higher.

5) Cricket League

Cricket League
Cricket League is a game that features quick two-over matches that can be played in multiplayer mode. These matches can be played in stadiums located in Adelaide, Dhaka, Dubai, Johannesburg, London, Karachi, London and Mumbai. Given that the game offers two-over matches, it is perfect for players who want to play a quick match while travelling, during breaks at school, college or work, or in between any kind of activities. Cricket League is available for devices equipped with Android 4.4 and above.

6) Sachin Saga Cricket Champions

Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
Just as the name of the game would suggest, Sachin Saga Cricket Champions is a game that lets players play as Sachin Tendulkar, starting right from the time Sachin made his debut as a cricketer at the age of sixteen. Players will be able to play  matches in the same stadiums that Sachin played in over the course of his illustrious career. Sachin Saga Cricket Champions features various gameplay modes, such as One Day International matches, T20 matches, Test matches as well as Premier League matches, domestic tournaments and even the Cricket World Cup. It is known for its high quality graphics and it has motion-captured animations throughout the game. The game is available for download on Android 4.4 and above.

The above are just some of the various cricket games available to play on Android mobile phones and tablets. Though this list is by no means an exhaustive one, these are games that every cricket fan must definitely check out!

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