Badminton Court Measurement & Dimension | Badminton Court Size & Height

Badminton Court Measurement & Dimension

Badminton Court Measurement & Dimension | Badminton Court Size & Height

Badminton Court Dimensions: Badminton is a game popular among each and every person. It is a very common household game in our country. The history of this game is of dated back to 2000 years approx. The Badminton didn’t have its name at first. It was a game with Battledore and Shuttlecock in ancient Greece and Egypt and also China to some extent. Battledore is the tiny racquets used by the ancient people and Shuttlecock is the type of cock made of either feather or plastic. It is a projectile object.

The badminton game got its name from the estate Badminton city by the Duke of Beaufort in England. It was named as ‘Poona‘ in India and the British Army Officials started liking this game and took this game with them to their country. Badminton needs a big place to plan the game and make the strategy properly. The planning of all the actions is to be done by keeping in mind about the Badminton Court Dimensions and the size of the court and the other materials.

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Badminton Court Dimensions & Size

Badminton Court Measurement & Dimension | Badminton Court Size & Height

Badminton Court Dimensions & Size

  • The overall dimensions of a standard badminton court dimension are 44 feet by 20 feet. The lines of this 20 feet by 44 feet is there for doubles matches and the long service lines are there for singles matches.
  • The net line is there to indicate the place where the net will be there. The net is placed there to divide the court into 22 feet by 20 feet.
  • The short service line is the line which is called a non-volley zone is marked like 6 feet 6 inches or sometimes it is around 7 feet from the centre line.
  • The center lone is another mark on the court itself. It is used to divide the court from the short service line to the back boundary line. It is marked in the left from the right service court.
  • Sidelines are needed mainly for the singles games. It is marked generally 1.5 feet from the very edge of the outer boundary. In case of, doubles games, the sideline is the outer boundary line only. The no different line is marked there.
  • The back boundary line is the same line which is used for singles games as well as doubles games. It is mainly the outermost line in the badminton court dimension.
  • The long service line is only used in the doubles games. It is the line which is marked 2.5 feet inside the back boundary line of the whole court. It is not needed in case of singles games.
  • The badminton net is one of the most important things in the Badminton game. It is measured about the 5 feet tall in the centre point.

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How to Maintain a Badminton Court?

Badminton Court Dimensions: Regular utilization of the game courts causes amassing of scrape imprints and earth at first glance from the shoes worn by the competitors. The gathered soil and scrape marks influence the floor to look dull, filthy and exhausted, which requires normal cleaning and upkeep to hold its sparkle and well being.

Given beneath a few tips about how to clean and keep up the manufactured Badminton court flooring for long and rehashed employments.

  • Check and evacuate sticky substances, for example, tapes, biting gum, and so forth. Be watchful and delicate while at the same time scratching the surface.
  • Use a microfiber dust wipe, uniquely intended for indoor games surface floor materials to clean the whole surface. Abstain from utilizing business wipers since they leave deposits on the floor. Ensure you are utilizing the privilege sulking surface implied for your surface-wooden or manufactured.
  • Avoid utilizing fragrant salt-based cleaners or full quality strippers. Utilize just the floor cleaner as proposed by the producer to clean the surface.
  • You can utilize an auto-scrubber with the prescribed floor cleaning manual for cleaning the manufactured surface. But, never utilize the auto-scrubber on a wooden surface. In the event that you are utilizing battery worked auto-scrubber, charge the battery a long time before use to dodge acid holes.
  • To clean the floor before a vital competition or occasion, utilize clean cloth /more slender mop/white vinegar and wipe the floor one way to recapture the sparkle.
  • Restrict utilizing road shoes in the court. No cowhide shoes ought to be permitted on the deck. Just tennis shoes with white soles ought to be permitted.

Support Tips for Wooden Floors

  • Power sanding ought to be done each 2-3 years in the regular interval. It evacuates minor undulations that come about because of the rehashed usage. They also help to re-establish coarseness required for a good hold. Additionally, it picks up a crisp look.
  • Use antiskid surface covering time to time to improve foot-grasp for the players.
  • Damaged boards must be supplanted promptly to hold the sound playing conditions.
  • Scrape off the old paint close to the badminton net shafts and apply new paint. Give a general new look to your badminton court flooring with an intermittent repaint of your current net posts.
  • It is essential to keep the games surface clean. This should be possible utilizing hand cushions with eco-accommodating wooden floor cleaning fluid to expel grimy and unbending gum.
  • It is very basic to have unmistakably noticeable court line markings to enable players to adjust judgments in a small amount of a minute amid the game competition. The splendid checking lines additionally enhance the general look of the court.

Badminton Court Dimensions: The badminton is a sport where a person has to be fit and be at his/her best all the time. A person needs to have a wonderful reflex action to be the best in the badminton world. The cheetah or leopard is known for their reflex action but badminton needs one to be like that so that he/she can decide the pass as soon he/she get the hold of the shuttlecock. So the badminton is all about the strength, stamina, agility, state of mind and of course the power inside the person. It is all about applying the inner power and knowledge with acute attention and smash the opponent.

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