These Fastest Bowler’s List of India Will Amaze You.

Fastest Bowlers in India

 List of Fastest Bowlers in India

Fastest Bowlers in India: Cricket is the custom and religion for Indians. It is the most popular sport. Cricket players are adored and well-respected in India. Indians love cricket. Sometimes, the intensity of this passion is overwhelming. Batsmen and spinners have been the centre of attention in the Indian cricket team for decades. However, fast bowlers weren’t the stars of Indian Cricket. Sunil Gavaskar, MS Dhoni, Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli has been the focus of Cricket lovers. But lately, this trend has been changed.

Fast bowling is an art of great cricketers. There is a logic behind fast bowling in cricket. Mohammad Nissar was the first genuine fast bowler in the Indian cricket team. He was the member of First Indian Cricket Team in 1923. However, the fast bowling practice went a down-low of decades. But there were several fast bowlers in India seen through the passing years in the 19th century. A true cricket fan always wants to see a ball flying at 137–153 km/h (85–95 mph).

The demand for fast bowlers in India is growing. Here are some of the details of the fastest bowlers of India.

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#1 Jasprit Bumrah (153.26 KMPH)

Fastest Bowlers in India

No doubt India’s frontline bowler, Jasprit Bumrah is here and hence ranks first in the list of fastest bowlers in India. Bumrah’s ability to bowl inch-perfect yorkers in the death overs has provided India with a really economical bowler in the death overs. Moreover, his quick bouncers and slower ones often deceive the batsmen. He has never let Indian team down especially on foreign land with his deliveries clocking the speed over 140 kmph. The world first saw his ‘awkward’ bowling action when he played his stint in Indian Premier League’s club Mumbai Indians. It’s not surprising that the Punjabi lad is also the World’s No.1 pacer in ODIs in ICC rankings.

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#2 Javagal Srinath(154.5 KMPH)

Fastest Bowlers in India

On second of the list, Javagal Srinath is one of the fastest bowlers of India. He has conveyed the quickest ball by an Indian on a universal stage. During the 1999 World Cup, Srinath contacted 154.5 KMPH (96 MPH) mark on the speed weapon to end up India’s fastest bowler and the second quickest after Shoaib Akhtar in that competition. Srinath was thought to cross 150 KMPH all the more regularly yet absence of value speed firearms they stayed to be informal numbers.

#3 Ishant Sharma(152.6 KMPH)

Fastest Bowlers in India

Another young Indian player (29 years), Ishant Sharma, a right-arm fastest bowler in India. He has scored throwing a ball at 152.6 km/h. He has energetic sense with a high-arm action. Steve Waugh has entitled him the best Indian cricket player. The young fastest bowler at the height of 6’4″ made his Ranji Trophy debut. Sharma continued to impress the world and made a hit of 150km/. He continued to impress in the one-day series, clocking more than 150kph. He earned the distinction of India’s highest wicket-taker in the triumphant campaign.

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#4 Varun Aaron(152.5 KMPH)

Fastest Bowlers in India

Varun Aaron is a 28 years old right-arm fast bowler in India. He has equipped the position of the Indian cricketer with a raw and unshackles pace. Varun has achieved the distinction of throwing the fastest ball during the Ranji Trophy cricket in 2008-2009. Thus, earning the title of ‘speedster.’  In 2010-011, Varun Aaron kept his honour as he bowled at 152.5 km/p against Sri Lanka as one of the fastest bowlers of India. This young man made it the 3rd fastest ball by an Indian bowler. This was quite an honour for Indian Cricket team.

#4 Umesh Yadav(152.2 KMPH)

Fastest Bowlers in India

Umesh Yadav is a 30-year-old right-arm fast blower playing for the Vidarbha cricket team in the Plate League of the Ranji Trophy and Indian national team. One of the fastest bowlers in India. It was anticipated that he would convey huge for India, Umesh Yadav recorded the third-fastest conveyance by an Indian. In spite of being a solitary ball ponder he consistently contacts 150 km/p check. Amid an away ODI arrangement in Sri Lanka, Umesh contacted 152.2 km/p (94.5 MPH) on the speed weapon. The main thing is that he only started his career at 19 years of age.

#5 Ashish Nehra(149.7 KMPH)

Fastest Bowlers in India

Ashish Nehra is a 39 years old left-handed fast bowler. Being a left-arm pacer, Ashish Nehra could bring the ball again into the right-hander at a clumsy edge. This capability is one of the key explanations for his accomplishment in worldwide cricket. He has an art of making the batsmen puzzled. However, this art made him injured several times.

Nehra has a long list of accomplishments against Pakistan, England, Zimbabwe and West Indies. He made news headlines while playing in the Indian Premier League. He played incredibly well in all the matches particularly in the second season and was recalled to the ODI squad. He played all formats of the game. In a competition against Zimbabwe, he knocked down some pins at 149.7 km/h at Durban.

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#6 S. Sreesanth(149 KMPH)

Fastest Bowlers in India

Shanthakumaran Sreesanth is a former fastest bowler in India. S Sreesanth’s wrist position won him numerous awards and sharpened his pace knocking down some pins. He played a perfect out-swinger which harried fantastic batsmen too. He was a right-arm fast-medium-pace bowler. The 35-years old cricket player is the only Kerala bowler to have taken a Ranji Trophy hat-trick. In 2002-2003, Shanthakumaran Sreesanth was selected for Duleep Trophy in his first season. In 27 Tests, he asserted 87 wickets and contacted the 149 km/h which mirrored his rocking the bowling alley ability.

#7 Rudra Pratap Singh(147 KMPH)

Rudra Pratap Singh is a 32 years old cricket player. He is a Left-arm fast bowler. He has been the Match of Match for several Test Debut. He has represented India in Test, One Day Internationals, and Twenty 20 International cricket. In 2007, RP turned into the tenth Indian bowler to pick a five-for at Lord’s. His accomplishment charged up the other new ball bowlers. The following two Indians to take fifers there were his Ranji partners Praveen Kumar and Bhuvneshwar Kumar.

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Mohammad Nissar – The “First Real Fast Bowler” of India

Last but not the least, the legend and real fast bowler of India, Mohammad Nissar. He was a right-arm fast bowler. He played for the pre-independence teams and is considered a legend for fast bowlers. Mohammad Nissar coined his talent when fast bowling hadn’t yet made its way in Indian cricket. He was capable of beating the batsman only with his speed. The speed of the ball was another secret weapon. On average, 13 out of 25 test wickets were either bowled or leg-before. This depicts the speed of his bowling. Indian cricket lovers consider hum faster than Harold Larwood. He was a solid build big man which added to his strength. Nissar passed away at the age of 52. His record shows that he was capable of doing much more if wasn’t departed so early.

Some Other Fastest Bowlers in India

Some of the other prominent names in the list of fastest bowlers in India are Mohammad Shami, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Zaheer Khan and Jasprit Bumrah. Nothing is more energizing than seeing a fast bowler dashing towards the batsmen and bowling them out. Fast bowlers from the beginning of cricket have been the trump cards for any handling team. The fast bowlers have most likely won a larger number of matches for their teams than spinners.

A decent Fast bowler is unarguably the most essential resource for any team and this is the reason each team endeavours to get the most ideal choice in its fast bowling division. In a nutshell, India is moving in the era of fast-bowling which is an addition to the love for cricket. The leather ball of 5.75 ounces moving fast at several hundred kilometres per hour is an incredible sight. It upgrades the thrive of Cricket.

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