Betting on the Go: The Advantages of Mobile Betting in India

In today’s world, people are just not used to sitting at home. They are very portable and constantly on the move. That is why they are more likely to use their mobile phones for all areas of life.

Companies that are active in betting and gambling are trying to keep up with the times. They do this by creating multi-functional mobile applications and mobile versions. Thus, their clients can always be in touch, place bets, play their favourite gambling games and earn real money.

The mobile version is becoming more and more popular every day, replacing the standard versions of betting and gambling websites. Of course, we can’t say that the latter variants will disappear any time soon, as computers and laptops are still in use by professional gamblers, who need to analyse the game and keep track of it.

Mobile betting is a fairly simple activity which requires the player to have a modern smartphone with good internet connection and a personal account on the site. Currently, a mobile application created by the famous bettilt platform has become very popular in India. 

Best Mobile Application for Betting in the Country

Bettilt is the best website to bet on sports in India. The platform was launched in 2014 and offers only fair betting terms and conditions. The operators comply with all the laws of the country. The betting site is officially licensed by the government of Curacao under the number 126608 and by Striking Stingray Cyprus Limited , its number is 8048/JAZ2014-034. 

The team has developed an accessible and feature-rich bettilt app. It allows players to place bets at any time, anywhere in the world, using smartphones with android or ios operating systems. 

With it, you will have access to all sporting events and gambling and get the best odds in the country. 

Bettilt app has many advantages, the main ones being : 

  • In order to download the mobile app the player does not have to pay anything. The downloading is completely free;
  • Small size of the app ;
  • Your personal information and bank transfer details are securely protected by state-of-the-art security protocols;
  • Fast and convenient payment methods;
  • Both Android and iOS versions available. Players do not need to download bettilt apk separately as the entire process is automated;
  • Modern, user-friendly and enjoyable design of the application. 

Also, fans of mobile betting who do not want to download the app can use the handy mobile version. In order to start it, just go to your browser and find the official website. After that, the home page and all the necessary functions will be instantly rebuilt for your screen. 

Advantages of Mobile Banking 

Although mobile banking has many more advantages than traditional betting or betting on PCs, many players still opt for the latter options. The following will outline the main points to consider when thinking about which option is best. You can learn all aspects of using mobile phones for betting from them.

  • Convenience 

First and foremost, mobile banking is convenient because it is available to you anywhere in the world. A person uses their mobile phone all the time and it is always with them. So you can change your forecast at any time, place a new bet, or watch the live broadcast of an event right from your device.

  • Reliability

Mobile phones were less common in the past and internet access was very expensive. So a mobile app was out of the question due to the high costs in those days. Nowadays, the network connection is very fast and cheap for all users in India. With a good network speed, you will be online all the time and you can keep up with all the happenings without any glitches . 

  • Speed

This point is not about the speed of the internet in 2023 but about the fast access to the site. In order for a player to access the betting platform from his computer or laptop he needs to start this device, open the browser, log into his personal account password and it takes about 5 minutes. To start bettilt from a mobile phone you will need no more than 40 seconds.

Availability of All Features

Previously, when mobile betting wasn’t that popular, it didn’t include many features. You couldn’t find all the sports, gaming events, promotions and bonuses, and convenient payment methods that the full site offered.

That’s all changed now. Now the mobile app and browser version have the same features as the desktop version. In addition some sites offer exclusive bonuses for mobile users.

Tips for Playing in the Mobile App

If you are a newcomer to mobile betting, you can read the top tips below drawn from industry professionals:

  • If a bettor rarely bets and often prefers to watch live matches, you should first make sure you have a bank account. This way you won’t waste your own time during a sporting event;
  • Some of the mobile applications have a quick bet feature that allows you to do the betting with just one tap. It is worth thinking carefully about what you are doing and keeping track of it, as this simple way of betting may lead to a lot of unnecessary waste;
  • Keep an eye on the battery on your phone. Have a power bank or charger with you to help you in case your phone runs out of power. As betting requires constant monitoring, sometimes players need to cancel a bet or make an extra one;
  • Do not rush. As mobile phones are very small devices, this can lead to errors. You perform all your actions on a small screen, either vertically or horizontally. A hurried action may result in betting on the wrong team, the wrong half-time, period, etc;
  • Life bets – if you select this option and are at the stadium of a sporting event, you may win even more money. As the bookmaker is not in the arena, they have late information. You only need 10 to 20 seconds to make a profitable bet, because you know a little more than the operator of the site.
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