Geeta Phogat Biography: Personal Life, Wrestling Career, Achievements, Facts & Net Worth

Geeta Phogat Biography

Geeta Phogat is one of the best freestyle wrestler, who won India’s First Gold in wrestling championships. She has a wonderful record of winning wrestling consecutively for a long time. Geeta Phogat hails from Haryana and known to have a lot of potential because of extensive and rigorous training. It is a known fact that every wrestler will have a short time to make his or her career and it is necessary to build the potential to win matches over from time to time. Geetha is one of the popular wrestlers in the country because there is a biopic of his father, which released in the name of Dangal and the character Geetha plays a vital role in the movie till the end.

Geeta Phogat Biography: Personal Life, Wrestling Career, Achievements, Facts & Net Worth

Wrestling and other athletes do not offer a lot of matches and time to rectify your mistakes. There is hardly a few minutes, which decides the faith of the sportsman for a long span of time. Geeta Phogat made use of the arena and managed to win medals continuously by participating in international tournaments. It is a known fact that Haryana state is the Capital of wrestling in India for a long time now. Geeta Phogat hails from Haryana and it is easier to get a hang of the game and techniques.

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Geeta Phogat Personal life

Geeta Phogat Biography: Personal Life, Wrestling Career, Achievements, Facts & Net Worth

Geeta Phogat hails from a normal family, where her father has a good name in the sport. Her father always wanted his kids to take the arena of wrestling effectively and he worked hard in his initial days to train Geetha to compete in bigger tournaments. Geeta Phogat played an important role in the Indian Wrestling because she has performed well and brought more than a couple of medals for the country.

It is a fact that Geeta is the first woman to win Commonwealth gold for the country in the sport. Geeta also qualified for the Olympics, which is the first of its sort for the country. Her achievements have made the country proud and the techniques have impressed the entire nation’s wrestling community. Her personal life is admirable because of the way she was brought up by her father in a male-dominated society.

Those were the times when people were considering a girl child as a liability and Mahaveer Singh Phogat, Geeta’s father is all set to take up a different kind of task by building a woman wrestler champion. Alongside Geeta, her sister, Babita Phogat learned the sport, who is a professional freestyle wrestler as well.

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Wrestling Career

  • 2009 Commonwealth Wrestling Championship

Commonwealth wrestling championship is a huge proud factor for every sportsman or athlete who takes part in it. Geeta started her wrestling journey from the year 2009 and managed to win Gold in the tournament. The championship was held in Jalandhar, India and grabbed a lot of applause from the audience for her achievement. The first-ever win from the player for the country has made her proud and is a real crown for the Indian Wrestling Federation.

  • 2010 Commonwealth games

2010 Commonwealth games is a major turning point in her career because he defeated some of the top players in the tournament. Geeta Phogat dominated the tournament all through the final and managed to win the gold medal by beating the Australian Wrestler. Geeta Kumari Phogat won the people, as the tournament was held in Delhi in 2010.

  • 2012 World Wrestling Championship

2010  Commonwealth games are the second step of her success, where Geeta won the Bronze medal. After winning gold in 2009 commonwealth games, Geeta was highly confident of winning a medal and came out third after losing against Saori Yoshida of Japan. Geeta Secured the third spot by defeating Natalya Sinishin of Ukraine. The tournament was a tough task for Geeta but managed to score fluently all through the tournament.

  • 2013 CommonWealth Wrestling Championships

The tournament was held in Johannesburg. Geeta Phogat had enough experience to beat the opponents in an easy way. One of the experienced and skilled wrestlers finished 2nd and won the Silver medal for the country. She participated in 59KG freestyle wrestling and dominated the tournament all through the final. The final match was stationed between Geeta and Oluwafunmilayo Adeniyi Aminat of Nigeria. Geeta lost the final and secured a Silver medal.

  • 2015 Asian Wrestling Championships

2015 Asian Wrestling championship is the last tournament, where Geeta took part in her career. Geeta Kumari Phogat has been impressive all along with her career and it is her potential option to get to gold again. The tournament was held in Doha and had a tough competition for her to succeed all along. Geeta managed to grab a bronze medal in the 58KG freestyle tournament category.

  • Life, Achievements, Family of Dangal Girl Geeta Phogat

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Career Achievements

Gold Medals

Geeta Phogat has received a total of 4 Gold medals in various tournaments held in both India and other nations. She won gold in 2015 commonwealth games and 2009 and 2011 Commonwealth championships.

A qualifying tournament in the year 2012 held in Asthana received well by giving a gold medal to Geeta Phogat.

Silver Medals

Commonwealth Championship is one of the favorites for Phogat sisters for a long time now. Geeta has received only one silver medal in the year 2013 held in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Bronze Medals

There are three bronze medals credited with Geeta. Two of the bronze medals are won during 2012 and 2015 Asian Championships held in Gumi and Doha respectively.

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Biopic Movie – A popular movie made on the biopic of Geeta Kumari Phogat in the year 2017. The movie turned out to be one of the biggest black stars in the year. The movie was well-received by the Audience and tuned out to be an inspirational one for women’s children.

The movie revolves around Mahavir Singh Phogat, who is one of the popular wrestler, who had a huge name in the world of wrestling. Despite not having a son, he manages to follow and admire wrestling for a long time. He figured that bringing pride to the nation is possible with the help of both son and daughter. He manages to rise in the perfect way and helps his elder daughter in receiving a Gold Medal for the country.

Net Worth

Geeta Phogat is worth 24 crores, which also personal properties worth 4 crores.

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