PT Usha – Introduction, Personal Life, Career Achievements, Facts, Net Worth

PT Usha

PT Usha- Introduction , Personal Life , Achievements , Facts , Net Worth : PT Usha is a popular name in track and field athlete for a long time. The runner has a reputation of participating in the Olympics representing India in the year 1984 for the first time. It is a known fact that sports were not so encouraged for women for a long time in India. PT Usha is one of the first women, who managed to climb up in Olympics and missing bronze medal closely.

PT Usha hails from Kerala and participated in 100m, 200m and 400m hurdles for a long time. It is important for every individual to consider giving importance to women in sports because it helps them to have a good balance in the society. PT Usha started her career in 1982 Asia Games and won gold in various formats of the game.

Asia Games gave her a huge round of applause and motivation to win a medal in the Olympics. PT Usha worked hard and stocked to 4th place in the Olympics. Though the gap between 3rd and the 4th position was small, she had to settle for the 4th place ultimately.

PT Usha – Introduction ,Personal Life, Achievements, Facts, Net Worth


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PT Usha is highly referred to people, who run faster because she has developed that kind of reputation back then. It is evident that the sportswomen have come across various battles as women before becoming the world champion. The Athlete managed to reach the Olympics, which was first ever by any Indian women in history.

PT Usha started her career as a normal Athlete and it was her coach OM Nambiar, who noticed her skills. OM Nambiar is one of the greatest coaches, India has ever seen and he was awarded Dronacharya award for bringing a talent like PT Usha to the arena.

PT Usha was picked up because of her walking style and natural technique of walking faster. This is an important element for every sprinter because it helps them to move faster and take instant momentum. OM Nambiar started training PT Usha from 1976, who eventually introduced a talented sprinter to the international level games.

PT Usha was named as Golden girl and Payyali Express because of her lightning sprinting. She was never trained in the early days to become a competitive sprinter, but her coach insisted her to work hard because of her natural talent to move and run fast in an easy way.

PT Usha – Introduction ,Personal Life, Achievements, Facts, Net Worth

Personal Life


PT Usha - Introduction, Personal Life, Career Achievements, Facts, Net Worth

Usha focused more on her career than family in the initial days but was finally accepted by her family members. PT Usha had a strong emotional connect with the family, which helped focus on her skill from time to time. PT Usha hails from a lower middle-class family and she had nourishment problems in her early days. She quickly overcomes with all her physical problems and started working her to become successful.

Kerala Government introduced a scholarship to support rural people and women athletes, which earned her a scholarship of Rs. 250/-. PT Started performing well, as she was well motivated by her coach and the government in an effective way.

PT Started off her career well by performing to the fullest in various tournaments from time to time. She got a break after she was found by her coach OM Nambiar. As she was progressing in her career, she got married to a V. Srinivasan, who is an inspector of Industrial Security Force. The couple has a kid and living peacefully in the state of Kerala.

PT Usha – Introduction ,Personal Life, Achievements, Facts, Net Worth

Career Achievements Of  PT Usha

  • Olympics

PT Usha is the first sportswomen from India to take part in the Olympics. It was a proud factor back then because women were not encouraged to take part in sports. It was PT Usha, who started the trend of showing the capability of women athletes.

Usha stated her mark in the 1980 Moscow Olympics and didn’t perform well because of various reasons. As the athlete didn’t have much experience and support, it was hard for her to beat professionals in an effective way. PT Usha didn’t give up and started participating in other tournaments to continue her journey. The athlete has done impressively in other games but didn’t give a good mark in the Olympics.

Usha participated in 1984 Glasgow Olympics and missed the bronze medal with a 1/100th second, which is very close for any individual in a great tournament like Olympics. She had a reputation of winning gold medals continuously, but could not bring home a medal. She was widely appreciated for her effort and welcomed her to the country with a big round of applause.

  • Asian Championships

Asian Championships were crucial for every country in India because of various reasons. The tournament is organized among Asian countries and winning a medal is like a gateway to Olympics. PT Usha had a good experience in Asian Championships in both 1985 and 1987.

  • Asia Track and Field championship

PT Usha participated in Asian Track and Field Championship in 1985, which was held in Indonesia. She had a massive respect moment when she back to India with a total of 6 medals in hurdles. PT Usha did a fair job in various relay categories as well in the tournament. She managed to win a total of 5 gold medals and 1 bronze medal respectively.

  • Seoul Asian Games

Seoul Asian Games is one more milestone for PT Usha back in 1985. PT Usha was in a top form before stepping to the tournament and managed to dominate in various categories. She again emerged as a champion in multiple categories and came back with Gold Medals. Gold medals were awarded in 200M and 400M categories, which include really categories as well.

  • Beijing Asian Games

Asian games gave her a huge blow ever since she started her career in sprinting. It is evident that Asian Games gives a lot of room for Indian players to show their talent and performance in an effective way. She continued her success journey towards Beijing Asian Games and managed to win only 3 Silver medals for India.

  • Asian Track Federation Meets in Japan

PT Usha is one of the most successful and experienced sprinters in the country after completing the Beijing Asian Games. She took a long break and started her career again after marriage. It was tough for her to a competitor with young folks, but she managed to beat more than a couple of competitors to win medals in an effective way. She won Bronze medals in both 200 M and 400 M hurdles and finished the tournament for one last time.

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Retirement Of  PT Usha

PT Usha - Introduction, Personal Life, Career Achievements, Facts, Net Worth

PT Usha is one of the most important and profound athletes, India has ever seen for a long time. Her continued ambition towards athletics has gained her a lot of value despite retiring from the sport. PT Usha retired from Athletics in 2000 and was ready to set up a sports academy in her state. The sports academy is a small one, but successful in producing a decent set of athletes for a long time now.

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