Sangita Phogat Biography: Personal Information, Career, Achievements, Facts & Net worth

Sangita Phogat: Phogat sisters have a huge reputation for winning matches and medals in various international tournaments. It is important for every individual to consider reading the talent with the help of a grown environment and family background. Sangita Phogat is an upcoming name in the world of wrestling and is being trained by other family members like Geeta Phogat, Babita Phogat, Vineesh Phogat, and the Great Mahavir Singh Phogat. The youngest sister in the Phogat family has a reputation of attacking the opponent hard, which makes him or her demotivated.


It is said that the youngest sister has not won a lot of medals to her country, but has a lot of potentials to take up challenges. it is important for every individual to consider practicing more and with a smart trainer because it helps them to learn the techniques and strategies effectively. Sangita Phogat has been more cautious about the game because she is getting inputs from more people in the family.

Sangita Phogat Personal Life

Sangita Phogat is the youngest daughter of Mahavir Singh Phogat and is known to take part in international championships with high success rates. The youngest daughter is trained well and in good condition compared to other Phogat sisters. It is important for every player to understand the game techniques and situations before choosing the game because it helps them to gain enough knowledge in an easy way.


Sangita Phogat has been living in the dark for a long time now but has enough potential to make it to the big stage easily. It is necessary to have enough training and practice before starting a professional wrestler’s life. Sangita has enough room to learn from her mistakes and practices, which helps her to achieve milestones in wrestling.

Sangita Phogat has managed to win only one silver medal because she has not participated in a lot of tournaments. Her sisters have a total of 9 medals in international tournaments, whereas Sangita has only one silver medal in her kitty. As she has started her career a few days back in the international arena, it is evident that one medal is enough to show her capabilities. Like anybody else, Sangita is grown up in a healthy environment along with other wrestling champions. As her father is known to conduct tough exercises for students, it is necessary for her to go through rigorous training in order to get trained effectively.

Wrestling Career

Wrestling’s career for Sangita Phogat has started now and she is having a good start by winning a silver medal in the last championship. Sangita Phogat has a reputation of attacking the opponent right from the first second because it helps them to take better control of the game. Most of the wrestlers prefer using their techniques by learning the opponent’s style of game. Sangita does the opposite by attacking the opponent from the initial phase of the match. The style or the strategy helps the player to demotivate his or her opponent, which plays a vital role to win the game in an easy way.

Asian Wrestling Championships in 2016


The Asian Wrestling Championships in the year 2016 was one of the successful tournaments for Sangeeta Phogat because of various reasons. The wrestler did not have a fruitful time in the earlier tournaments but came back strong in 2016 to take home a silver medal in an easy way. Sangeeta participated in the 59KG category.

Pro Wrestling league

Sangita Phogat plays for Delhi Sultans in the pro-wrestling league and is featured in some of the important matches. The match between Venessa Kaladzinskaya of Belarus and Sangita gained a lot of audience between Sangita is a fresh wrestler, who is set to take up a challenge against a world champion at the time.

Sangita Phogat Career Achievements

Pro wrestling league is an important tournament to watch out for in order to know the next India champion. The platform provides a good room for all players across the world to prove their abilities from time to time. Sangita managed to take part in the tournament and attracted a lot of audiences with the help of her versatile skill set acquired by his family.

Pro Wrestling league

Sangita Phogat took the first match against  Vanesa Kaladzinskaya of Belarus from the team UP, Dangal. Venesa was a world reigning champion when the tournament started. Sangita took the stage and defeated the world champion in an easy way. Vanessa has a lot of experience in the sport of wrestling and it is evident that she had an upper hand before starting the tournament. Sangita attacked the 25-year player right from the beginning and managed to defeat the then world champion with an impressive score of 7-4.


Vinesh Phogat was playing for UP, Dangal at that point in time, and was pretty confused in terms of offering support. Sangita played with perfection and overcome the underdog title in a quick span of time. The match was one-sided initially, where Sangita gave away points and Venessa was leading with 4-0. A quick slick leg sweet helped her get back to the game and played to win the match and the hearts of the people around in an effective way.

Sangita Phogat Playing for India

The game against the world champion changed her life to a large extent. This brought her up in terms of popularity and the Indian Wrestling board offered a chance to represent the country. The world wrestling championship, which will be held in 2019 is a big tournament, which requires a lot of hard work to bring a medal to the homeland.

Sangita is working hard to find a place to represent the country without compromising on the game quality. It is highly recommended for every player to practice on a regular basis with effective guidance because it plays a crucial role for players to learn advanced strategies without affecting the actual game behavior

  • Sangita’s Father, Mahavir Singh Phogat is a popular wrestler and a quality trainer
  • A movie was made on her father about his achievements and his tough training sessions to his daughters
  • Sangita is the youngest sibling of the popular Phogat sisters of the Movie “Dangal”.
Net Worth

According to various sources, Sangita Phogat is worth 15 Lakhs.

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