Female Volleyball Players | Hottest Volleyball Players | Famous Volleyball Players Girls

Female Volleyball Players

Female Volleyball Players | Hottest Volleyball Players : Volleyball has been an amazing indoor as well as an outdoor sport played all over the world. It includes two teams of six players each and volleyball and a net as well. The sport is quite similar to Badminton. While the Badminton requires a badminton racket and a feather cock or shuttle with generally 1 player in a team (singles) or two players in a team (doubles), Volleyball requires a single volleyball for the sport.

Female Volleyball Players | Hottest Volleyball Players | Famous Volleyball Players Girls

The main aim of the sport is not to let the ball thrown from the opposing team to be grounded within their net area. For example, if team A throws the volleyball to team B, the aim of team B will be to not let the ball get grounded within their net area. Volleyball can be played indoors and also in the outdoor in the beach (beach volleyball) and also in the meadows. Generally, volleyball is never played as male vs. female or a team consisting of both male and female. It is a single-gender game.

Volleyball is played by both male and female and it is never the best without any sexy female volleyball players. Beach volleyball gained much in popularity and has been made one of the most popular scenes in almost all movies because, of course, bikini-clad beautiful babes playing volleyball, a sight which is quite successful in appealing to almost anybody. So, here are the top 10 hottest female volleyball players that you will be able to spot if you are watching a female volleyball tournament.

Female Volleyball Players | Hottest Volleyball Players | Famous Volleyball Players Girls

Marketa Slukova


Marketa Slukova is considered the number one in the hottest female volleyball list. She is extremely sexy, hot and classy with a perfectly toned physique. She was born on 28th of June, 1988 and brought up in Prague of Czech Republic. She has got an immense steep all through her career, achieving the maximum number of admiration and a huge list of fans and followers. Her career has been on the brighter side and won a number of awards all through including the Women’s FIVB World Tour in the year 2010 as the best rookie.

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Jennifer Kessy


Jennifer Kessy is born and brought up in San Juan Capistrano, California of the United States of America. This 41 year old hot female volleyball player is not just famous for her sexy figure or toned body but praised for her beauty as well. She rocks the volleyball court with her beautiful tanned body, toned physique, and blonde hair. She is a well trained professional athlete who won several championships in her career like Stavanger beach volleyball (gold medal) and 2012 London Olympics (silver medal).

Female Volleyball Players | Hottest Volleyball Players | Famous Volleyball Players Girls

Gabrielle Reece


The third on our list of top 10 hottest female volleyball players is Gabrielle Reece. She was born on 6th of January, 1970 in the La Jolla, California of the United States of America. She is a multi-talented person who equally rocks the volleyball court and the media sphere. She has been a consistent actress, model, and a sports reporter apart from being a brilliant volleyball player. She has a gorgeous face with a toned body and grey eyes.

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Rachel Wacholder


Born on 15th of June, 1975 in Laguna Beach, California of the United States of America, Rachel Wacholder has been a consistent model and a volleyball player. She has worked with some amazing volleyball players and has won several tournaments. One such tournament was the August Tour Championship where she teamed up with Tyra Tuner. She has a huge following fan base.

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Manon Flier


This beautiful Dutch volleyball player was born on 8th of February, 1984. She has been an awesome volleyball player throughout her career. She is a bit muscular and is considered a hottest female volleyball player and she is in this list keeping behind many players. She won a gold medal in the FIVB Grand Prix of China.

Maria Elisa Antonelli


Maria Elisa Antonelli is one of the best female volleyball players of all times. She was born on 25th of February, 1984 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. She is brilliantly talented and has a super awesome hot physique. Though she plays all types of volleyball, she is more renowned as a professional beach volleyball player who partnered with Talita Antunes. Both of them grabbed a number of victories, including the international championships.

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Sophie Van Gestel


Born on 29th of June, 1991 in Oostelbeers of Netherlands, she is one of the hottest female volleyball players of the recent times. She has gained an immense response in her championships and primarily in the Summer Olympics of 2012 where she teamed up with Madelein Meppelink. Though the team was eliminated in the 16th round of the championship, yet this did not affect much in her career.

Marta Menegatti


This Italian beauty is born and brought up in Rovigo and is 28 years old. With a tanned skin and black mane, she is extremely hot. Basically, she is a beach volleyball player and is amazing at the sport. She has paired up with Greta Cicolari in the 2012 Olympics and played on point reaching the quarterfinals. Currently, she has teamed up with Victoria Orsi.

Sanne Keizer


Sanne Keizer is both beautiful in physique and beauty. She is all about abs and slenderness. She was born on the 6th of February, 1985 and belongs to Doeitinchem. She is an amazing beach volleyball player and started her career in 2002 when she was just 17 years old. She won the World Championship of Volleyball in the under 18 category where she paired up with Arjanne Stevens.

Talita Antunes


Talita Antunes is a charming, hot Brazilian beach volleyball player who started her career in 2001 when she was 19 years of age. She was born in the year 1982 on August 29th. She won the South American Tournament in 2002 and is considered as one of the hottest female volleyball players till date. Her skills, techniques, and enthusiasm are what took her career to the top.

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